Deezyland LLC is a music and artistic production company dedicated to bringing individualism and free creativity back to the forefront of the music industry and creative communities of the Lowcountry and beyond. Established by musician and visual artist, Ray DeeZy, it is our priority to help passionate artists perfect their craft with our knowledge and expertise. 

Raynard DeVeaux was born and raised in Goose Creek, SC, the oldest of 2 boys in a single parent home.

Life for any young black human being in the South was never easy. Instead of being consumed by the tempting opportunities for failure, he sought out a creative outlet to help him release his emotions and frustrations of everyday life. So he began writing poetry at age 8. What started off as just poems, grew into short stories, short stories evolved into music. His love affair with music began as him just replicating the music around him through instruments, freestyling, and beat boxing, but quickly proved to be something more.

He grew up in the golden era of hip hop music that understood him and molded him like nothing ever before. His took inspiration from artists like Rakim, A.Z, Nate Dogg, and Andre 3000, and created a voice for himself in music that goes beyond just creative expression. His debut project Pardon my Pimpin dropped in December of 2017 and made him a household name in Charleston and surrounding states. Quickly followed by that was his sophomore debut, No Love Lost, and showed us all that he isn’t “just another Charleston artist.”

His music tells his stories, and the stories of others like him.

Music is not just a hobby for him, it’s his destiny.

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